Hey! You! Watch these!

Vanity Fair was awesome enough to send us a few treats to share with Buffet readers for their Hollywood issue. Of course it wouldn’t be us if we didn’t rub a little geek on it.

Interested in buying a castle? Or scouting out the location for your next evil lair? There’s a hyperloop supertrain, and a full-scale Millenium Falcon! All this and more in JB Sanders’ “Geek Month in Review”!

Oh what fun JB Sanders has in store for you! The mathematics of Futurama, disturbingly fast galloping robots, news from the creators of Myst and more!

Klingon Gagh and Blood Wine, the strangest of urban environments, exotic deluxe vacations in abandoned stone quarries; JB Sanders has all that and more to tempt you with the latest “Geek Month in Review”.

So here we are, at a point in our lives where we can look back in nostalgia at the 90’s. When the heck did that happen?

Clockwork monks, new/old Star Trek, boating in lakes of not water and more! A new “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

Click on in to check out an impressive fantasy web series.

If an animated character can learn and evolve, does that mean our country can too?

What’s up with blushing, how to control your dreams, is Dr. Who a religion, and so much more in this month’s “Geek Month in Review” from JB Sanders!

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