Magical Symbols and Alphabets

I’m 99% sure that I’ve stated this repeatedly on my site, and on social media, and in interviews, and I may have grabbed random people on the street to share this, but when it comes to compilation style books (encyclopedia, complete book of, compendium) there are two people I adore for it: Judika Illes and Sandra Kynes. And although it isn’t titled as an encyclopedia or compendium, there was no way I was not going to review “Magical Symbols and Alphabets: A Practitioner’s Guide to Spells, Rites, and History” by Sandra Kynes.

“Magical Symbols and Alphabets” is truth in advertising. This 260ish page book is PACKED, just stuffed, with information. Kynes doesn’t just tell you what a symbol or letter stands for, she puts it into context by providing histories and purpose. She does not just give you the tool, she tells you why it may be right tool for the task. “Magical Symbols and Alphabets” has 6 parts: Astrological Symbols, The Elements, The Fifteen Fixed Stars, The Ogham, The Runes, Sigils, and The Witches’ Alphabet and Other Magical Scripts. It’s everything you could want.

Let me be blunt, if you’re interested in magic, you need this reference book. It won’t be a treasured keepsake; it will be an invaluable resource that you will turn to again and again for as long as it holds together.

You can learn more here.

Want a shot at winning your own copy? Well, thanks to Sandra Kynes you have that chance! She was generous enough to provide a signed copy of “Magical Symbols and Alphabets” for my readers! Just use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter! The contest is open now until 11:59PM Eastern on 05/29/2020! Good luck!

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Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick

Llewellyn just dropped an EPIC book, “Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Ceremonial Magick: A Comprehensive Guide to the Western Mystery Tradition,” edited by Lon Milo DuQuette and David Shoemaker. DuQuette is a well-known author and public speaker on the topics of Aleister Crowley and Qabalah. He’s the United States Deputy Grand Master General for Crowley’s magical order Ordo Templi Orientis. Shoemaker is a clinical psychologist, the Chancellor and Prolocutor of the Temple of the Silver Star, and a senior initiate of Ordo Templi Orientis and AA. What I’m getting at is, I feel the task of vetting and compiling this book was put in the right hands. They found 11 authors to write basically 11 books and then Llewellyn put it all together into a massive 528-page book (available in trade paperback or hardcover).

So, what “books” does this book have?
Book One: Foundations of Western Magic by Sam Webster
Book Two: Qabalah by Anita Kraft and Randall Bowyer
Book Three: Planetary Magic by David Rankine
Book Four: Alchemy by Dennis William Hauck
Book Five: Demonology & Spirit Evocation by Dr. Stephen Skinner
Book Six: The Magick of Abra-Melin by Marcus Katz
Book Seven: Enochian Magick & Mysticism by Aaron Leitch
Book Eight: The Golden Dawn by Chic & Tabatha Ciecero
Book Nine: Thelema & Aleister Crowley by David Shoemaker
Book Ten: Polytheistic Ceremonial Magic by John Michael Greer
Book Eleven: Magician’s Tables by David Allen Hulse
Epilogue: The Future of Ceremonial Magick by Brandy Williams

For the purposes of context and disclosure I should tell you that the advanced readers copy I got only had the first part of each of the books. With that said, I found the quality of writing to be excellent. The spread of topics is fantastic. I couldn’t think of anything that needed to be added. This is certain to be a great reference for those interested in ceremonial magic. Overall, it’s a pretty sexy hunk of book.

You can learn more here.

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The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd

Get yourself a cold shower ready, because today we are talking about some seriously sexy book porn. We’re talking about the 250-page, illustration packed, “The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd: Macrocosm, Microcosm & Medicine” by Joscelyn Godwin. This gorgeous book is hardcover with a built-in ribbon bookmark.

Robert Fludd was an interesting man. Godwin describes him as a Renaissance man, and he is correct. Fludd was a doctor who was heavily influenced by the Christian theology of the time. You would recover if it was the Lord’s will. And yet, he was a man of science, conducting experiments that we would describe as alchemy. Along with this, he was a supporter of the Rosicrucians, an inventor, and with his fascination of how the Earth operates he would link music and math, and study astrology. For being a man who I feel allowed his religious beliefs to limit his scope, he truly was a man deeply involved in all of the proto sciences of what we regard as science today. Robert Fludd created the encyclopedias of his day.

What truly set Robert Fludd’s work apart from others was his extensive use of illustrations. He understood the value of an image, and if Godwin is to be believed (which I think he is), the illustrations are much easier to understand than Fludd’s writing. Surprisingly, Fludd didn’t do these himself, however, some of the best of the era created them for his writings.

“The Greater & Lesser Worlds of Robert Fludd” has 201 GORGEOUS illustrations, each with thoughtful commentary from Godwin.

Joscelyn Godwin and Inner Traditions have put together a truly covet worthy work.

You can learn more here.

Shop your local indie bookstore <---This is an affiliate link to IndieBound, which supports independent bookstores throughout the United States. If you use this link to purchase the book, I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you.

12andus and a Freebie!

Do you guys remember Angela Kaufman, author of “Queen Up! Reclaim Your Crown When Life Knocks You Down”? (I interviewed her in March 2018.) She reached out to me about a website that she’s been doing some writing for called Angela thought you guys might be interested in it.

So, what is From their website:

Astrology is neither an exact science nor is it deterministic. However, through astrology we can know ourselves deeply. Astrology can uncover aspects of ourselves that might be difficult for us to see through other means. Astrology is the reverberation on the inner plane of the outer planets.

We created 12andus to help people reveal their unique astrological birth qualities and how they match with others. Every relationship, just like every individual person, is a unique constellation of compatibilities and qualities.

We can match another person on many levels: romantic, friendship, business, and spiritual. When we are with a certain person, our connection becomes almost like an independent entity with its own traits. With different people, we may feel practical, affectionate, artistic, sensual, and adventurous, or we may feel lazy, superficial, and argumentative.

12andus will show you the harmonic and conflictual qualities that exist between any two people. In addition to the individual birth reports and relationship reports, we offer forecasts and relationship forecasts.

Another aspect of 12andus’ mission is to collect surveys and big data to statistically demonstrate that astrology works. Research and discovery are our ultimate goals.

Basic membership is free, but I’ve been given a promotional link that will allow people who sign up for the site through it to get the premium membership for free! Premium membership allows access to more personalized reports and chart comparisons with other users as well as access to transit interpretations and tips for the day based on current transits. (This link is specific to The Magical Buffet. I make no money from its use; it is solely for tracking purposes. This promotion ends 10/15/2019.)

If you’re interested in checking out, click here!

Joining The Ark

A Kickstarter campaign was recently brought to my attention and since it involves a deck, you know I had to share it! I’m excited about it because it looks like it’s incredibly flexible in how you can use it, has beautiful artwork, and the accompanying book features the creator (Bernadette King), Patricia Telesco, and Dayna Winters (who has had a book or two of her own featured on our site). So, what am I talking about?

“The Ark Animal Tarot & Oracle Deck”.

Bernadette King has created a 100 card multi-use animal themed tarot & oracle deck with 300+ page full-color guidebook. I just love the flexibility! You can easily use it like a traditional tarot deck (complete with major and minor arcana) or as an oracle deck, and probably a bunch of other ways!

You can learn more with this video:

To learn even MORE and/or contribute to the Kickstarter campaign, click here. (FYI, this project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Fri, April 19 2019 5:55 AM EDT.)

Ready for more? Bernadette King, the creator of the deck has offered to giveaway a deck to one of my readers! (Once the project is funded and the deck is completed, of course.) Enter today using Rafflecopter! You have until Friday April 5, 2019 11:59pm eastern to enter!

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Flamsteed’s Atlas Coelestis

As most of you are aware, I started selling merchandise a few months back. Everything I created has different phrases and sentiments that I like and thought you might enjoy. However, in the back of my mind there was something else I wanted to do too.

Hiding in the public domain are many beautiful works just waiting to be rediscovered and shared. I happened across several by John Flamsteed. (By the way, if you support me on Patreon this is all old news to you.) Flamsteed (1646-1719) was an English astronomer and the first Astronomer Royal. He catalogued over 3000 stars and was responsible for several of the earliest recorded sightings of the planet Uranus, which he mistook for a star. After his death his widow helped get his work published as “Atlas Coelestis”. Flamsteed’s work was updated and republished several times, the last being in 1795.

Although the work he did was for science, the images he created are art. And I want to share it! That’s why I used several of his charts to make a line of greeting cards and postcards!

You can see them all in my online store! You’ll want to click in on the images to see what they truly look like, CafePress treats home screen edits more like suggestions than directions. If you like what you see, don’t wait to purchase, these are only going to be available until May 31, 2019!

Dreams & Symbols

I love reference books. Books with titles like, “Encyclopedia of….” or “Dictionary of….”. I “collect” books, but I hoard these kinds of books. For some reason I feel like I can never have too many of them, and in my defense, they all have something unique to offer.

For instance, look at the two books I’m discussing today, “The New Secret Language of Symbols: An Illustrated Key to Unlocking Their Deep & Hidden Meanings” and “The New Secret Language of Dreams: The Illustrated Key to Understanding the Mysteries of the Unconscious”, both by David Fontana. The key word here is “illustrated”. Both books are entirely full color, heavy stock glossy pages filled with wonderful illustrations. These both are more than reference books, they’re coffee table art books.

Fontana has written several books before these about dreams and meditation. He wrote “You Can Understand Your Dreams”, “1000 Dreams”, “You Can Understand Meditation”, and two different tarot decks (“The Wisdom Seeker’s Tarot” and “The Truth Seeker’s Tarot”). I guess what I’m trying to say is, these books pull on a lot of past elbow grease.

I won’t claim that either of these books are revolutionary, however they are well researched, thoroughly indexed, and beautiful.

You can learn more here.

The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic

If you’re a reader of this website, you probably already know what runes are, but just in case you don’t; runes are an ancient Norse alphabet used for magic, communication, and divination. If you want to learn more, you’re in luck because I’m here to tell you about THE book about runes.

“The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic: How to Interpret Runes, Rune Lore, and the Art of Runecasting” by Edred Thorsson is 320 pages of EVERYTHING rune. Thorsson has written THE book on runes. Actually, he has written over two dozen books about runes and all that research has culminated in “The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic”.

It starts with an amazingly deep dive into the history of runes. Viking age, medieval, and modern runic history is discussed. This includes the history of runes in magic and divination as well. Then, utilizing this research Thorsson examines what he refers to as the hidden lore of runes. How the runes relate to cosmology, psychology, and the Gods. Only after a thorough study of these previous two sections are you ready to read the runes. Thorsson discusses divinatory theory and provides useful tables.

I’m loathe to say one book on any subject is all you’ll ever need, but “The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic” by Edred Thorsson is as close as you’ll get.

You can learn more here.

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

I keep hearing that this strange season called spring is approaching. Flowers will be blooming and markets everywhere will be selling all kinds of arrangements for Mother’s Day. However, before you pick a flower based on its looks, wouldn’t it be cool to know what that flower represents? Enter “Loves Me, Loves Me Not: The Hidden Language of Flowers” by Peter Loewer.

If you read my review of the “Botanical Inspirations” deck then you already know that global culture and folklore has always attributed special meanings for flowers based on their appearance or practical applications. Peter Loewer specifically takes a look at the Victorian era and their love of the language of flowers. “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” profiles 50 flowers and better yet each entry is paired with a beautiful, full color illustration by Loewer.

Obviously this book is great for nature and flower lovers. Now I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but if I was considering getting flowers for someone as a gift, I would absolutely buy this book, pick the flowers based on their meanings, and then give the flowers AND this book as a gift. But you know, you do you. “Loves Me, Loves Me Not” is a delightful and informative read that is made for sharing!

You can learn more here.

Botanical Inspirations

Here in the northeast things are taking a definite fall-wards turn. However thanks to the “Botanical Inspirations” deck by Lynn Araujo I’ll be able to enjoy the delicate flowers of spring all year round.

First we have to talk about the fantastic artwork. The deck contains 44 cards featuring art by Pierre-Joseph Redoute. In Paris he did paintings of the flowers in the royal gardens. His etchings caught the eye of botanists who taught him more about plant anatomy. Redoute went on to do work for Marie Antoinette and Empress Josephine. That’s the guy whose illustrations make up this deck. Neat, right?

Deck creator Lynn Araujo dived deep into plant’s various roles as symbols throughout culture, leaning heavily on the “Secret Language of Flowers” from the Victorian Era that paired specific meanings to individual flowers. In fact, included with the deck is nice foldout sheet listing the “Secret Language of Flowers.”

Each card presents a flower with its common name, its Latin name, and a quote or key words to associate with the flower. To give you a complete experience I choose the share the Sacred Lotus card. You see “Sacred Lotus” with the alternative name “Nymphaea caerulea” directly underneath. Then there is the beautiful illustration with the word “Enlightenment” under it. It’s followed by the Thich Nhat Hanh quote, “No mud, no lotus.”

When you go to the book included with the deck, which is way more sturdy than your typical white print out style book that comes with many tarot decks, you’ll find more information about the Sacred Lotus and its “Inspirational Message”.

The lotus flower grows up out of the mud, yet each day as they unfurl and shed the droplets of water, the flower emerges perfectly pristine. For this reason, the lotus symbolizes purity and spiritual transformation. With its flower so distant from its roots below the water, the lotus also represents detachment, a necessary step for spiritual enlightenment. The golden center of the lotus is rarely shown in Zen artwork since it represents the elusive perfection of wisdom. The Egyptian sun god Ra is often depicted with a blue lotus. Because of this association with the sun, the lotus signifies rebirth.

Inspirational Message: Honor all the experiences that have brought you to this place on your path of spiritual growth but let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Araujo offers a few variations on how to use the cards in readings, but honestly, with decks like these I prefer to do a daily single card draw in the morning to offer insight into the day ahead.

“Botanical Inspirations” is a beautiful and fascinating deck that I would be hard pressed to find someone I wouldn’t recommend it to.

You can learn more about “Botanical Inspirations” here.