Rumor has it spring is coming, and with it, flowers.

Classic artwork and plant folklore collide with beautiful results.

“Bowls of Happiness” is wonderful little book that entertains with its whimsical art and story, and it also teaches about ancient Chinese bowls.

Dayna Winters, co-author of “Wicca: What’s the Real Deal?” and “The Esoteric Dream Book”, is back to give you a personal example of the practical application of dream journals.

This month Dayna Winters, co-author of “The Esoteric Dream Book” and “Wicca: What’s the Real Deal?”, discusses how you can gain insights from even just fragments of your dreams.

Welcome to BrickCon, the paper airplane gun, have the wedding cake of your dreams, and more in the latest Geek Month in Review from JB Sanders!

Today we start an exciting new feature about dreams with artist Dayna Winters, co-author of “Wicca: What’s the Real Deal?” and more.

Ann Bolinger-McQuade, author of “Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That are All Around Us”, joins us to talk about her book, oracles, and my future job title.

Join me as I once again discuss being a “bad Jew”, flipping a citrusy middle finger to the narrow minded, and more Passover fun! Warning, this post is not kosher for Passover, but will keep just as long as that can of Manischewitz macaroons!

Have you thought about the tongue? I’m serious, have you ever taken a moment to ponder the versatility of that thing in your mouth? I hadn’t. Which is why when I began poking around, looking for something to write about and saw tongue I thought, well that’s interesting.

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