Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was a kinder place? Well, Brenda Knight has a new book that can help with that very thing.

I review the “NIV First-Century Study Bible”. Quit smirking, I can review a Bible!

The James Randi documentary “An Honest Liar” is out today. I got a chance to see it, click on in to learn more.

Inflammation. It’s recently been linked to depression, and it has already been talked about with a litany of other health issues. Today we talk about a new book, “Natural Remedies for Inflammation”.

The ladies are back, and better than ever. This time around they’re here to help with dreams.

Rebecca Webb Wilson crafts a book of seasonal photography and wisdom to provide insight to the seasons of our lives.

A spell a day keeps exactly what away? I’m not sure, but Cassandra Eason’s “A Spell a Day” is a keeper!

It was a near thing, but a year can’t end without me listing off my favorite things!

A new documentary gives us a look at Sheriff Joe Arpaio from in front of and behind the camera. Welcome to “The Joe Show”.

Click in to see how to experience 52 weeks of awe and gratitude with “Sunrise, Sunset” by Kim Weiss.

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