Learn about a fantastic resource for information about goddesses.

WIN/Gallup International did a global poll to determine what role respondents thought religion played in their lives. Positive or negative? Click in for the results.

Passover is just a few weeks away. Maybe it’s time to take a peek at an new Haggadah for the occasion.

According to a new study of Americans, scientists, and evangelical Protestants, the public’s view that science and religion can’t work in collaboration is a misconception that stunts progress. Click on in to learn more.

A long overdue review of a book that’s worth the wait.

We’re going to talk about “Create Your Own Religion: A How to Book Without Instructions” by Daniele Bolelli. It’s a good time.

I read and love Brad Warner’s new book “There is No God, And He is Always With You”. I was going to write a review, however I think this essay from Brad Warner really let’s his work shine.

What at first appeared to be a specific book about the Native American sacred pipe opened up a whole world of mythology, history, and religion.

Click on in for an exclusive excerpt from the book “The Constant Choice: An Everyday Journey from Evil Toward Good” by Peter Georgescu.

Today we’re doing 10 questions with John Mabry, author of “Growing into God: A Beginner’s Guide to Christian Mysticism”. We talk a lot about, what the heck is Christian mysticism?

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