The National Museum of American Jewish History is telling an interesting history of Christmas songs.

Passover is just a few weeks away. Maybe it’s time to take a peek at an new Haggadah for the occasion.

A long overdue review of a book that’s worth the wait.

Artist Orna Ben-Shoshan, creator of “Tokens of Light”, is back with a new beautiful divinatory set called “The AlphaBet for Lovers”.

Join me as I once again discuss being a “bad Jew”, flipping a citrusy middle finger to the narrow minded, and more Passover fun! Warning, this post is not kosher for Passover, but will keep just as long as that can of Manischewitz macaroons!

Learn about a lovely new addition to the divinatory/oracle landscape, “Tokens of Light”, created by Orna Ben-Shoshan, the talented artist behind the “King Solomon Oracle Cards”.

Come celebrate the miracle of oil, oddly with a post about not really using a whole lot of oil. Hmmmm……didn’t think this one through at all, did I?

Here we are, the other nine questions from my ten questions interview with Miguel Conner, author of “Voices of Gnosticism” and host of “Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio”. We discuss the joys of transcription, books and movies, of course Gnosticism, and I decide I no longer feel like a jerk for question number one.

That’s right, only one question from my 10 question interview with Miguel Conner, author of “Voices of Gnosticism” and host of “Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio”. Why only one? Because I’m kind of a jerk. What does me being a jerk have to do with only one question being published? You’ve got to read it to find out!

Here it is, Hanukkah time again. Last year I shared with all of you my collection of menorahs, and sadly, that appears to be the last time Judaism was featured on The Magical Buffet. Fortunately this year I have something fun to share with all of you for the 2010 Hanukkah season….my little dreidel collection! And we’ll even talk about how to play!

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