You may not have heard of Indra Sharma, but it is unlikely, regardless of where you live, that you haven’t seen his work.

A new book rekindles my affection for Hanuman. Don’t know who Hanuman is? Then you had better check this out. Oh, you know who he is? Then you will DEFINITELY want to check this out.

In the land of “bling” (as the kids say), you see all kinds of stuff getting the “bling” treatment.  Diamond encrusted jewelry, tricked out cars, and super snazzy cell phones are all items to denote wealth and status.  Which is why I was intrigued to see’s headline, “Which religion has the best cell phone?”  […]

Okay, so I stumbled across the BEST story at right before the holidays hit.  I became caught up with the holidays, etc. and didn’t get around to sharing it with you until now.  Here it is. According to, “India’s eastern state of Orissa has lodged a protest with the US government seeking action against […]

Beginning in mid-August roughly 425 Wal-Mart stores will be selling a faith-based toy line in their preschool aisle. The line includes Ester, Moses, Noah, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and more. This is being billed as the first time Wal-Mart has offered a full line of faith-based toys.

Part 2 of the great introduction to Hinduism.

Just what the title says, part one of an introduction to Hinduism.

There are times when, if you’re like me, you look for examples of faith and piety, perhaps someone to inspire you, to teach you the power of devotion. It’s times like that when I think of a particular monkey, and no, it’s not “Monkey” from Dexter’s Laboratory, although he does kick butt! I’m talking about the Hindu God Hanuman.