Food and religion, two of my favorite subjects. How about you?

James Morgante is here to talk about his fascinating book “The Yogi Diet: Spirituality and the Question of Vegetarianism.”

Happy International Talk Like a Pirate Day! To celebrate we’ve got a special interview with author and “Cocktail Whisperer” Warren Bobrow all about rum!

A person who worked on creating this infographic reached out to me saying that I would love it. It’s astrology and booze! Am I really that transparent?

This book has been out for over a year. Over a year! I even read it as soon as it came out, and yet it has taken all this time to share my thoughts on it.

If something is tasty AND can have potential magical benefits, why wouldn’t you want to give it a go?

Guess who is finally back? Granted, my ass is dragging and my head is aching, but that’s a whole other post. For now I’m back and I bring you beer! That’s right, I went to Glens Falls Brewfest 2016!

It’s true. Click on in to learn about the $10,000 martini.

Inflammation. It’s recently been linked to depression, and it has already been talked about with a litany of other health issues. Today we talk about a new book, “Natural Remedies for Inflammation”.

It was a near thing, but a year can’t end without me listing off my favorite things!

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